SQUAD ​#21

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WELCOME To The Site of Squad 21

Thanks for stopping by the Island Heights First Aid Squad's website. Feel free to click around our site and view photos, see when events are, browse our current rigs in service, or even begin the process to apply to be a volunteer! Squad 21 would also like to thank all those who have and continue to donate to our squad, it is because of you our squad is able to provide our services to the people of Island Heights!

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Support Squad #21 - Donate!

The Island Heights Volunteer First Aid Squad is a 100% volunteer organization. We do not bill for service and all our funds are made up from donations. Please consider making a donation today to support The Island Heights First Aid and all that we do for our community.

Congratulations to our 2021 Officers!

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Rest In Peace

Stacey Spotts #2115

It is with an extremely heavy heart that The Island Heights First Aid Squad announces the passing of our member Stacey Spotts. Stacey was a dedicated volunteer for The Toms River Fire Department and recently joined Squad 21 as a dedicated and beloved member. Stacey served as a mentor, squad photographer, and had a shining personality. She will be greatly missed by her family at Squad 21. We love you and miss you Stacey, Rest In Paradise.


Island Heights First Aid would like to thank all those who serve both our community and our country. To all other EMS, and to all Firefighters, Police Officers, Nurses/Doctors, CO's, Dispatchers, and especially our MILITARY, THANK YOU!